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Teraplast Schio Ciotola Essential Wide Shallow Planter

As low as $88.89
Out of stock
  • Lightweight
  • UV, Temperature, & Shock Resistant
  • Non-Toxic & Recyclable
  • Indoor & Outdoor Planter

Schio Ciotola Essential Wide Shallow Planter

Add a transformative design element to your interior and exterior spaces with the stunning Schio Ciotola Essential planter. With its clean, angular lines, this wide shallow vessel adds a bold, contemporary look to your landscaping projects.

Pair the planter with tropical plants to create a stunning centerpiece in a lobby, poolside area or gathering space. Create a zen oasis in an interior space. Or pair it with succulents for a low-profile presentation in an office area. The planter works well in both residential and commercial settings.

Made of high quality recyclable resin materials, the Italian-made Schio Ciotola planter can sustain high traffic areas and varying weather conditions without cracking, fading or shattering. Choose this planter, which measures 23.6" x 8.7," in the neutral finishes of White or Cappuccino to complement your design preferences.?


Schio Ciotola
23.6" Dia x 8.7" H
Inside: 19"
Base: 9.6"
5 gallons
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