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Planter Risers for DIY Self-Watering Insert

In stock
Planter risers made from notched plastic Available in three different sizes Creates DIY self watering system when paired with plant watering wicks

Cross risers help to create a self-watering system by adding a water reservoir or basin at the bottom of a water-tight planter. When paired with capillary wicks (sold seperately), you can create your own DIY self-watering system.

To use, simply assemble your cross riser and place it in the bottom of your selected plant container. Then, place your grow pot with a threaded capillary wick on top of your assembled cross riser. Water is then able to pool under the grow pot, without submerging it.

The end of the wicks can be placed into the water so that moisture can flow up to the plant’s roots as needed. Available in three different dimensions, these cross risers should allow you to properly elevate your grow pot within nearly any sized planter.

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