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DIY Self-Watering Planter Wicks

In stock
Includes 50 pre-cut plant watering wicks Made of highly absorbent polyester wicking fabric for plants Ideal for 6-8 inch grow pots

Make your own DIY self-watering planter with pre-cut capillary wicks, and minimize how often you need to water your flowers and plants. The pack includes 50 pre-cut, self-watering wicks made of highly absorbent polyester. This material allows for water to quickly and efficiently wick through to a plant’s root system. We recommended using this wick size with 6-8 inch grow pots. To use this DIY self-watering planter wicking material, simply stick one end through the bottom of your plant’s grow pot, and let one side of the wick sit in a water reservoir. Water will flow through to your plant’s roots as necessary. If your planter lacks a water reservoir, you may need to use cross risers (sold seperately) to create one in the bottom of your planter.

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