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Lead time on fiberglass orders is temporarily 7-10 business days

Jay Scotts San Jose Tall Round Fluted Planter

As low as $293.99
In stock

 Lead time on fiberglass orders is temporarily 7-10 business days

  • High-Quality Flawless Construction
  • Ideal for Residential or Commercial Use
  • Lightweight & Durable
  • Weatherproof UV Protection & Frost-Resistant
  • Indoor & Outdoor Planter

San Jose Tall Fluted Round Planter by Jay Scotts

When you want to be assured that your planters don’t fade into the background, turn your eyes to the San Jose Round Planter. This extraordinary piece features a fluted design that will grab attention, no matter where you place it. Transform your interior and exterior design projects with this elegant piece which also features a round tapered profile and a luxurious finish.

Available in 16 vibrant hues and two spacious sizes, the San Jose Planter can take on a customized look for your commercial and residential design projects. Give hallways, lobbies and reception areas a a sophisticated look with the San Jose Planter in hues like Matte White, Metallic Silver and Matte Charcoal. Or opt for a high energy presentation with the planter in finishes like Gloss Tangerine, Gloss Saffron or Gloss Red.

While this planter is assured to get noticed for its looks, you’ll also love it because of its durability. Made by skilled craftsmen of premium fiberglass, this lightweight planter can endure heavy traffic areas as well as continuous exposure to direct sunlight and other harsh weather conditions. The finish, which is hand applied using an automotive grade process, will not crack, fade or shatter.

Recommended Preparation & Planting Instructions for Indoor/Outdoor Use

***Fiberglass planters are painted to order and therefore require a lead time of 5 to 7 business days***


San Jose 16"
16" Dia x 30" H?
Inside: 12.5"
Base: 9"
Grow Pot Size (max): 12"
Weight: 12 lbs
San Jose 22"
22" Dia x 40" H?
Inside: 18"
Base: 12"
Grow Pot Size (max): 17"
Weight: 21 lbs

*Weights are approximations

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