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American Essence Modesto Round Planter

As low as $84.95
In stock
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Made in the USA
  • Lightweight & Durable
  • Double Wall Construction
  • Modern tall, narrow and round resin planter
  • Indoor & Outdoor Planter

Modesto Tall Round Planter

With the Modesto Round Planter, you’ll be inspired to transform your indoor and outdoor spaces with a blend of style and nature. This tall narrow planter features a sloped opening that will provide an intriguing foundation for ornamental grasses, tropical plants, or any other greenery you choose. The Modesto Planter is available in four sizes and five finishes, giving you numerous options to customize your home, apartment or condominium.

Choose the 42-inch tall planter to add interest to your enclosed patio. Or place one on each side of your entryway to create a welcoming presentation for visitors. The Modesto Planter is also available in low-profile 20" x 20" and 30" x 34" versions that delivers impact to patios and decks without blocking views, and a 16" x 32" version that works well as part of a grouping.

Although this rounded, tall indoor planter can serve as an elegant design element in your interior spaces, it is sturdy enough to handle the outdoor elements all year without fading or cracking. Made in the United States of weather-resistant polyresin materials, the planter is shock-resistant and UV-resistant. Choose the Modesto Planter in one of five finishes, including black, espresso and ivory, to add a distinctive and customized look throughout your home.


Modesto 16"
16" Dia x 32" H
Soil Capacity: 6 gallons
Grow Pot Size (max): 12"
Modesto 20"
20" Dia x 20" H
Soil Capacity: 8 gallons?
Grow Pot Size (max): 10"
Modesto 22"
22" Dia x 42" H?
Soil Capacity: 12 gallons??
Grow Pot Size (max): 14"
Modesto 30"
30" Dia x 34" H
Soil Capacity: 22 gallons?
Grow Pot Size (max): 17"
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