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NIDO Cottage Self Watering Hanging Basket Planter Pot

Out of stock
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Frost & UV Resistant
  • Award Winning Self-Watering System
  • First Class German Engineering
  • Indoor & Outdoor Planter

NIDO Self Watering Hanging Plant Pot

ShatterproofUltralightUV-ResistantHigh-Quality PlasticHome & Garden Planter

Take plant designs to new heights with the NIDO self watering hanging plant pot. This hanging planter adds an attractive foundation for summer flowers, fall foliage, and trailing vines and cascading plants. A stainless steel hanger helps to keep your NIDO planter securely aloft.?

Or if you're not a fan of hanging planters and would like a smaller, wicker-like planter for your home, simply use as a tabletop planter pot.?

The rounded shape is a classic accent for flowers and greenery. Paired with a wicker?basket finish, this planter is primed to add interest. Available in neutral colors such as white, granite and mocha, it's easy to match nearly any design scheme.

The included liner with self watering functionality makes plant care exceptionally easy. Plant foliage in the liner to easily transfer it into the exterior pot. Then, simply fill the reservoir, and monitor the red indicator for when more moisture is needed.

At 9.1 inches tall and 10.6 inches for exterior dimensions, the NIDO is the perfect size for smaller plant designs.

Made of lightweight, high-quality plastic, this planter is made to last through the elements. Shatter and UV resistant, the NIDO stands up through both time and movement.?

Hang one from a prominent location to draw eyes up and add interest. Or, hang a few to create a sweet display of multiple plants.

No matter what you choose, your creativity can take center stage with these versatile hanging planter pots.


NIDO 11"
10.6" Dia x 9.1" H
Grow Pot Size (max): Direct Plant
Water Reservoir: 64 fluid oz
Plant Volume: 1.4 dry gallons
Plant Liner: 9.5"
Planting Depth: 5.9"
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