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Lechuza Balconera Brackets

As low as $31.99
In stock
  • High-quality Plastic Construction
  • Suited for Rail or Wall Mounting
  • Available in Black or White

Lechuza Balconera Bracket System

These wall and railing mounting brackets are engineered to perfectly fit available Lechuza Balconera Patio Planter options. The brackets, which are available in black or white, are made of high-quality, durable plastic, and?feature fabric loop straps that are designed to?provide sturdy support without?scratching surfaces or?rails. The brackets are approved for a maximum weight of 55 lbs.?

Use the Lechuza Balconera brackets to hang the Balconera Color Balcony Railing Planter, or the Balconera Cottage Porch Rail Planter Box nearly anywhere you desire. Hang a series of matching planters from railings and fences, or on the edge of decks and patios, to make a unique statement. Or, use a solitary planter for a solo moment.

You can create exciting plant displays no matter how you decide to use your Balconera planter and bracket system.

NOTE: Planters sold separately.

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